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Our Story

The Blink effort started in response to a brown bag presentation and call for help. Highlights from this brown bag include:

"Almost 20 years ago, Volunteers for Medical Engineering (VME) developed a system to help a disabled man who could only blink to communicate with his family. They designed and built a mechanism and software to create what is now called the Blink System."

"The Blink System operates using a cursor that moves at a selected speed through rows, scanning to the bottom row, then back to the top, and then repeating the process. When the user blinks one eye the cursor stops scanning downward and starts stepping one box at a time across the row. The second blink stops the cursor and the contents of the box are spoken."

"Over time, however, the program controlling the Blink Switch became obsolete. VME volunteers have tried to recreate it but the original Blink Switch program was written in a computer language that is no longer used and available volunteers lack the expertise in programming to recreate it."

Our Team

Blink System, LLC is focused on improving the quality of life for the disabled by developing affordable software solutions.

Our team has substantial experience in the design and development of Java based software systems.

We are headquartered in Ellicott City, Maryland, USA.


Standing on the shoulders of giants

The Blink software is a Java integration effort leveraging existing technologies and techniques from the open source community.

Special thanks go to:

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