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The Blink software operates in one of three modes selected from the menu.

Select Mode

This is a simple point and click mode used for people that have full mouse control

As text is being composed, word and phrase suggestions matching the input are provided. Blink learns words and phrases used to improve future suggestions.

Scan Mode

In this mode rows are highlighted one at a time. On a mouse click, row scanning switches to column scanning. Once a cell is selected, the action is performed

This mode is used for switch input such as a blink, twitch, or sip switch.

Edit Mode

This mode is used to configure the Blink GUI.

In this mode, selecting a cell invokes an editor for that cell. The editor configures the command to run, the cell color, the cell font, the cell font color, and an optional image to display in the cell.

Additionally, widgets appear in the tab pane allowing tabs to be renamed, exported, and deleted.

Menu items are used to create or import new tabs.

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